An hour and an half after I left my house, I arrive at the BMW dealership Arnold Kontz. We have to notice that the snow is here and it is a pleasure to have a propulsion at this time.


As soon as I am seat in the car, I notice a second surprise: it is an automatic transmission, I would not play with the clutch. Other détail to notice, there is no Xdrive (all wheels drive). I think this would be compulsory because when you turn at 20km/h and the back of the car is going out of the way, it is dangerous.


The engine is a 2.0L diesel going on with 181 bhp with a fuel consomption of 36,1 mpg which is correct for its weight. It offers great accelerations.

The cockpit is without suprise but has some fine function as sportseats with heating function, ready in one minute. These seats are perfectly fine in the comfort test.

A full multifonction wheel, fog lamps, tip-up seat, automatic spenning for the trunk (see video), here are some equipments which are available on the "Modern" finition.


In optionnal extra, you can have roof rails, a function to wash the lamps, a front and back radar (I would have prefer a real camera), rain detector, adaptive xenon-lamps which light up automatically, electrical and airconditionning systems, speed regulator and limiter, gear box steptronic, Runflat tire (which can not explode and keep his volume more than a normal tire), the professional navigation system, the Hi-fi system for sound and even more the bluetooth function for the mobile.

In the back, same comfort, the seats are comfortable and offers a great condition for long journeys.

The trunk offers from 495 liters to 1500 liters when you put the seats in horizontal position. In extra, you can have a special accessory for make special spaces in the trunk which can be useful for some objects.

It has a real good driving skills (It have drive 50km on dry road when I could use the maximum of this car). Only is price seems to be exagerate.

Thanks to Mister Delbergue from the dealership Arnold Kontz from Luxembourg for this trial.